The competition is operated by the Salon Open Art Prize group of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our competition is open to any West Yorkshire based artist whose primary form of art is painting, drawing, sculpting, etc, although not all pieces are required to be entirely in one medium. Multi-media pieces are welcome.  That’s why we are a bit ahead of the game, because we are lucky to have the gratis gokkasten pagina and mt4 trading platform as our biggest sponsors. If you want to get to know these companies, Gratis Gokkasten Pagina offers free spins to try out different games, klik hier voor gratis spins and if you are interested about the mt4 trading platforms, you can check them out through their link. You do not need to have a recognized art degree, recent or otherwise, unlike some other art prizes available in the UK. If we do not receive enough entries from local artists, we will open the competition up to UK-wide entries.

Employees of the Salon Open Art Prize are not eligible to join the competition, and nor are their families, for legal reasons. Any such connections should be disclosed when you apply.

All entrants are required to first submit an application. This should include:

  • A completed copy of our application form, which we will email to you upon enquiry;
  • Your CV in .doc or .pdf format;
  • An artist’s statement in .doc or .pdf format;
  • An entry fee of £10, payable by cheque;
  • Jpeg images of four separate original works by the applicant: these should be around 1mb in size and should include all details such as the title of the work, the artist’s name, the medium, dimensions and sales price. 

When you submit an application, this constitutes agreement to our terms and conditions, a full copy of which we will provide on request before you apply. With this agreement you promise to comply with our rules and that all the information you have provided is correct, including the attribution of the work. Only one entry per person is accepted.

To submit an application, please contact us to receive a copy of the form and then return a printed version, with your entrance fee and signature, via mail to the address provided. No responsibility can be accepted for entries which are incomplete, damaged, wrongly delivered, delayed due to the Post Office service, or otherwise not received for any reason.

Works submitted should be no large than 2m x 3m, and should have been completed in the last year. The paintings must be the applicant’s own work, not copied or in any way infringing on any other artist’s intellectual rights. While provocative subjects are accepted, submissions must be lawful and not simply prurient.

Entrants grant the Salon Open Art Prize team the unrestricted right without royalties being granted to reproduce images of any submitted artworks as part of marketing and media surrounding the prize. These reproductions will always be photographs, not copies of the actual work in that medium.

Entrants will be responsible for the delivery and collection of the artworks submitted, and these must be the same artworks included in your application. They will need to be available to us for display until a minimum of three months after the prize has been awarded. If you do not collect your artwork, we may sell or destroy it.

All artists must sign agreements to participate, including an agreement to abide by the decision of the judges. No cash alternative to our prizes are available, and our prizes may not be traded with another participant or non-participant. We reserve the right to cancel the competition if given sufficient cause to do so, for example if we do not receive enough entries. In that case we will endeavour to return your fee but we do not guarantee this.

Judging will be done by a panel of local judges chosen by the Salon Open Art Prize group. We reserve the right to make changes to the makeup of the panel depending on the availability of chosen judges, the volume of work received, etc. All decisions made by our panel of judges are final, and there is no appeal process. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us via the “contact us” page before judging takes place.

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