About the Salon

The Salon Open Art Prize organisers decided to run this event because we’re committed to fostering the art community in our local area. We’ve worked with graduates from a local art school before in putting together exhibitions, and their enthusiasm inspired us. We have a building which won’t take much modification to turn into an ideal exhibition space, and we have the expertise to create an amazing space for art, so we decided it was time to put our money where our mouths are. We have some great support from art companies and local businesses for the award and prizes, and we know you’re going to love the look of the exhibition space once it’s ready.

We aim to hold the inaugural round of the prize giving in July 2016, giving plenty of time for people to submit their work. After that, we intend to run the prize either yearly or every other year, depending on interest and the reception.

When we’re not showing work of shortlisted artists, we plan to have a gallery of our winners and other local art in all kinds of media. If your work is interesting and innovative, we hope you’ll reach out to us and let us know, and send us some samples. We may even commission pieces to best suit the building when we’ve got everything up and running!